Welcome to the Naugle Co. website. Naugle Home Building and Remodeling is one of Columbia’s oldest and most reliable remodeling firms. We are a 2nd and 3rd generation family business.

Naugle Co. has been building and remodeling homes in the Mid-Missouri area for over 40 years. We have completed thousands of new home remodels, improvements, and repair projects.

Our philosophy and mission has earned us thousands of satisfied home owners and has produced high value, reasonably priced projects that will stand the test of time.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our web site and learn more about Naugle Company and our products.


A tribute to my mother, Grace Alma (Stahl) Naugle. Her influence inspired my career in home building and remodeling.

Being of Pennsylvania Dutch, Mennonite decent, Grace raised 12 children while tending a kitchen garden, hot beds and berry patches, along with canning, milking and other suburban truck farm duties of the day. She attended Church, PTA, and sewing club while taking time to comfort neighbors and take care of her (hobby) business of raising cut flowers. The one myth about her is that she pulled the plow when the horse was lame….OH, those neighbors! She did occasionally help pull a hand cultivator. With all these tasks Grace found time to read the home magazines of the day, dreaming about the way her home could be. With my Father’s “10 thumbs”, although green, Graces’ dreams were entirely up to her.

During my childhood Grace enlisted my older brothers and became her own general contractor, even performing some of the work herself.

A tribute to my mother, Grace Alma (Stahl) Naugle. Her influence inspired my career in home building and remodeling.

Projects she completed were a vestibule, dormer and sun porch additions, new roofing, patio with stone BBQ pit, a rental duplex, and a complete bathroom remodel. And finally, kitchen and living room remodeling plus new siding.

Three of Graces’ sons became builders and two became Nurserymen. I started working in construction full time summers and Saturdays in 1954. Although Grace never built for the public, I feel it quite fair to consider her the 1st Generation contractor.

I put the final finishes on my mother’s last three projects in the years after her untimely death. In those years, with my mothers influence and values, I painted a picture of how I wanted my future family and work life to be. I have lived and continue to live that life……yes, I still enjoy picking up a hammer or trowel.

Our Philosophy is simple: Quality

Our mission is to bring quality to home owners and to define building quality.

Quality as defined by Webster:

  • essential nature – Naugle Cos. Philosophy
  • a trait; characteristic – The Team’s Mission
  • high birth rank – Values, Grace Naugle
  • superiority, as relatively considered – Services – Product – Result

Qualifications at a Glance

  • One of Columbia’s oldest, most reliable building, remodeling, improvement and repair companies.
  • Over 55 years in the construction industry with over 40 years in Mid-Mo at the same location
  • Over 200 years combined experience in owner/management team.
  • Over 500 new homes have been built by Naugle Cos in the Columbia area.
  • Over 4000 home improvements and repairs performed.


I enjoyed the challenge of building and launching this boat. It gave my family and I some fond memories on the upper Mississippi. My fondest memory though, was that it was instrumental in me getting my first significant project after moving to Columbia.

The project was an addition and kitchen remodel for Mrs. and Mr. Marvin Baker on Independence St. I was bidding against a local contractor who had told the Bakers that the wall I was proposing to eliminate could not be eliminated. Needless to say the Bakers were skeptical…. of me.

On my next visit with the Bakers I brought the house boat photos with me. After viewing the photos Mrs. Baker said “Gary if you can build a boat like this you are able to build our room” and I did.

The other contractor…. he soon tired of the building business and went on to other endeavors…. he is now one of the areas better farm realtors. If you need remodeling call me. If you need a farm or other such real estate, call Jerry (Country) Coats.