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  • Always sort logic from emotions.
  • Base your purchase on logic.
  • You are likely not purchasing a miracle product.
  • There is no valid reason to sign today.

Although I’ve harded to steel on this subject, my mother did send me out into the world a little naive.

In my early years, exactly during the time of the setting for the movie “Tin Men” I was intrigued by the mysterious salesmen that occasionally showed up on the project in their new Cadillac’s and fancy clothes. My mind being of an engineers bent, I never had a desire to be them, althought I did like the Cadillac’s.

After mustering out the service I was subcontracting for 2 partners in St. Louis. I once asked one of them how he could look people in the eye and lie to them like he does and he said “I don’t look them in the eye, I look at their forehead.” Never even thinking he was doing the same thing to me. Sometime later I told the 2nd partner that he couldn’t sell me anything and he said “Gary what do you think I’ve been doing for the past year?” Talk about feeling really stupid.

Every salesman that has crossed my path since then has felt the wrath of what that comment created. Needless to say I was soon gone from those partners and it would be well over 20 years before I would make any attempt to study or understand sales techniques.

Through these years I have always tried to buy logically and I’ve always tried to recognize when I violated this and was really buying emotionally.

I finally decided to look into sales. Here are two of my most revealing observations.

1st, who and where are the best salespeople in the world? They are wanted by the law or they are in prison, they are called con artists.

I was building the Sister’s Monastery when I learned the 2nd from an employee. He said “My dad told me if you help enough people get what they need, you will get what you need.” It sounded to me like he was describing the sisters we were working for.

The basis of sales is helping people. The basis of sales technique is a study in being a nicer person or the art of manipulating people.

Sales techniques can cause enormous pain and loss or tremendous good and value.

Smooth talkers can be your salvation or your worst nightmare. Stumblers and stutterers can be the same.