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The Naugle Co.’s design ability and documentation is thorough. The estimators conduct a thorough evaluation of owner/buyers intent, need, desire and budget, soliciting ample input from those involved. The estimator may seek a second opinion from the team, for serious repair projects. Naugle Co. then employs the latest design features, using computer drafting that allows instant changes and virtual walk-throughs. Engineering a detailed plan that is then combined with detailed specs, material selections, schedules, and thorough documentation. The price is firm and customer initiated change orders must have the customer’s authorization. Your project is kept on track, on time, and on budget. There will be no surprises.

“Successful building and remodeling projects require general coordination, supervision and over site of all employees, sub-contractors and suppliers, by a competent general contractor or architect.”

“Trade sub-contractors are usually skilled in their specialty, however, there is not a trade performed on a project that does not interlock with other trades. Close supervision by the general contractor insures that the trades are competent and that many parts in a home, from footing to rooftop, will fit and work together.”

1. Estimator meets with owner/buyer to collect and confirm the details of owner/buyers needs, desire, and budget for the project

2. Estimator prepares a design/build agreement that includes basic; scope and intent, specifications, sketch drawings and maximum budget

3. The Design Team seeks input from; owner/buyer suppliers and subcontractors/ The team prepares detailed plans, specifications and the final firm price

4. Owner/buyer approves design/build agreement

5. Owner/buyer authorizes the implantation of the final detailed contract documents

6. The construction team proceeds on your project, changes are made only at the owner/buyers request and the quality project is kept on track, on time and on budget