Your home is an important investment!

The Naugle Family and our family of services will help you protect that investment.

Although this site is devoted to assisting you with your construction wants and needs, it is equally devoted to the “pesky” details that will ensure your project or serious repair will end with your desired result.

Shopping for Home Improvements or for a new home to be built can be difficult to compare.

  • You are shopping for a product that only exists as a concept.
  • You get conflicting information and opinions.
  • You are not able to do a “side by side” comparison as you would with existing homes, autos and appliances, etc
  • You must select from a group of virtual strangers to accomplish this.

For a good comparison and selection you should do your homework.

  • You will find this site very informative to assist you in making these comparisons.
  • We are barely half way with the content we would like to have on this site. Here are some of the titles and subjects we will be adding through the next year.

All of our 5000 plus Customer/project references for the past 20 or so years; handling insurance claims; the Benedictine Monastery Project; A siding primer, in depth videos of areas of most concern- foundations, waterproofing, roofing, siding and flat concrete; continuing expansion of our home maintenance page; a trix and fixpage; a repair and maintenance blog; planning a new home, in depth home construction, home design check list; home or plan evaluation; home price comparison; buying new vs used; the cautions of buying a near new home; and others as the need arises.

  • Please email us with your ideas or questions.
  • And in the mean time we have quite a bit of information for you on this site to help you do your homework.

Thank you
The Naugle Family.